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Are you looking for a professional Brisbane Removalist?

Look no further! Here at Movers Brisbane we take pride in our professionalism.
We know Removalists in Brisbane can be a little dodgy as the Removalist industry is not regulated at all, especially in Queensland. Therefore, we do everything we can to outshine to other movers in South East Queensland.
Ever had a removalist fail to turn up on time or fail to turn up at all? This is very common in the moving industry and we have started this business because we want to change the stereotype moving companies have in Australia. Well for the good ones at least...
Some moving companies may tell you that you are fully insured under their insurance and that transit insurance will cover you during the move. This is WRONG! Do not get sucked into this little lie removalists have been using for quite some time. It is actually illegal for moving companies to sell or offer insurance and the only thing Transit Insurance will cover is your items while they are in the truck. If you are moving locally this shouldn't be an issue at all as damage shouldn't happen to your items while driving from and to locations. So if something does happen while the removalists are carrying your items downstairs you will not be covered at all.
We at Movers Brisbane have a 100% Repair Guarantee which is a written document so if something does happen you are fully covered. We have this guarantee as we believe we should be responsible for what we do and always do everything the correct way. Our movers go through vigorous training also so they are exceeding industry standards.

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